Stretching of rotated sprite when parent group width and height set

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When width and height is set of a group, and a child sprite within is rotated, then said sprite gets stretched.
Is this intended behaviour?

I'm using Chrome ( Version 52.0.2712.0 canary ) on Windows with Phaser 2.4.6


function create() {
    var sizedGroup =;
    sprite = sizedGroup.create(0, 0, 'phaser');
    sizedGroup.width  = 100;
    sizedGroup.height = 100;
    sizedGroup.x = 200;
    sizedGroup.y = 200;

function update(){
    sprite.angle += 0.6;


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I've never set the width or height of a group before. What are you trying to do by doing that?

Here's a quote from the documentation for Phaser.Group#width:


The width of the displayObjectContainer, setting this will actually modify the scale to achieve the value set

So, this effect is intentional. Setting the group width scales the group.

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A solution in case any one else has this problem:

It works with nested groups. Just resize the child group and it won't scale the sprite when rotating. ->

function create() {
    var parentGroup =;
    var childGroup =;
    var sprite = childGroup.create(0, 0, 'phaser');
    childGroup.width  = 100;
    childGroup.height = 300;
    parentGroup.x = 400;
    parentGroup.y = 200;

function update() {
    childGroup.angle += 0.5;


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