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i'm looking for best pratices to start a phaser project with TypeScript.

Most of the tutorials are not up to date (2013 on the site).

What about project's structure (i mean directories,  naming convention etc.), which tools etc ?


you can now download a complete Visual Studio Template for Phaser with TypeScript : (it's up to date and easy to install (VS Extension))




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I am using Visual Studio Community, after you create a typescript project, in the project properties you have an option to "combine javascript output into file", really comfortable. (screenshot attached)

other than that use node / npm to refresh the page when developing, I am using this for development -


good luck!


Screenshot (8).png

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Hi, if you are on Windows, then Visual Studio 2015 Community is very very comfortable :) Good thing is, that you can code in it not only in Typescript, but almost in everything nowdays - so, single IDE for everything (for example very comfortable support for Cordova, want to wrap your game for Windows Store - make universal Windows App, ...)

As @liorfrenkel wrote, you can merge output into one file. And if you need further processing like minimization, you can run your custom post-build tasks.

If starting, I wrote small tutorial on creating simple game in Typescirpt here:


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I finaly made a full template for Phaser projects with TypeScript. You can get it at :

This is a complete structure for small to large projects with best practices i found.

There is all you need to start, with sample inspired from Richard's tutorial.


Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments




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