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bGUI and VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess

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Hi everyone !

I'm using bGUI in my scene, very nice to make a user interface !

I've used the approach demonstrated by official demos, thus the bGUI is launched after every other BABYLON script, with a setTimeout function.

Everything works so well, I had to manually set the layerMask=1 on the lensFlareSystem though, it took me some time to understand that >_<

I want to use a VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess on my scene, but bGUI seems to make it disappear:/ 
Since there is no layerMask class for the VolumetricLightScatteringPostProcess, I wonder how can I make it visible ?

Thx for your help !

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Hiya M.  I haven't got a solution yet, but I decided to assemble a test scene.  Here we can see exactly what you say.  After the time delay bGUI startup, the godrays are gone.

One solution idea is that you could use a new var gui = new bGUI.GUISystem for EACH single bGui item, if possible.  This way, bGUI doesn't use on single big covering-everything canvas.  SO, to make the above demo in that way, I would need FIVE new bGUI.GUISystem ... one for each bGUI item.  (the BJS logo is not a bGUI item, it is the godray radiator, of course)  :)  *shrug*  I'm sure there will be wiser comments than mine, shortly.

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Thx for looking into it !

@Wingnut I'm humbled by the time you took to assemble a Playground for my problem ! I didn't know how to use bGUI within the PG site, now I know !!! Thx !

About the problem : since bGUI creates a new camera when it starts, I was thinking maybe it had to do with the "postProcess" render pipeline, since VolumetricLightScattering is a post process, maybe it's "there" but doesn't go through the new camera created by bGUI... I don't know :-/

Gotta try the multiple bGUI system method, I also see there's a new 2D canvas feature, lots of cool things to try !!!!


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@meteoritool - I've had the same issues, and it might be related to the camera - similar to working with the VRcamera. @JCPalmer might have an answer to this, but I believe at the very least he has identified why this happens. I need to look into this further, but perhaps he will read this post and answer.

@Temechon - I've been working with your extension quite a while and very familiar with it, however I'm still not certain how you are extracting the path from the assets[] array (assets[]). I'm able to use it to provide your extension with a texture as in the playground scene @Wingnut posted above, but I also need to use the same textures in other functions; but in calling an object from the assets[] array, it always reads "undefined". If you follow what I'm asking, please let me know how I might also use the object path from any of the objects in the array for other functions. I tought it might be a loader issue, but again it always works in providing a texture to a bGUI Object.




@meteoritool - I'm assuming you already know this, but I dont believe I explained enough to say that the issue with the VRcamera and your issue is most likely a post processing conflict. I hope Mr. @JCPalmer might expand on this, but if not, search for his last post on the VRcamera, and you'll find a wealth of information from him. It may be a post on the Dialoge extension as well, and worth reviewing.

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