Sprite/Button not appearing when return to previous State

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After using Phaser 1.4.7, when I play a state and then return to previous state, several sprite/image/button that previously appear, seems to be not appearing anymore.

How to replicate:
1. Enter a state (example: Title state)
2. Move to other state (example: Games state)
3. Return to previous state (in this case, Title state), with: this.game.state.start("title");

All the sprite/image/button reappear as usual.

Some/most of the sprite/image/button doesn't reappear

Is there anyone who encounter the same problem with me? When rollback to Phaser 1.4.6, there are no problem at all.

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First, do you mean you are using version 2.4.7 or are you actually using 1.4.7?

I am using Phaser 2.4.7 and am able to switch between states without such issues. Could you post code examples so that we can help you track the issue down?

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