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Hello dear Forum,

i have a Question regarding dynamic Asset Loading in Babylon.js. I was not able to find Information about this topic in the Documentation or the Forum (don´t slay me if I missed something;) ).

So basically what I want to be able to achieve is:

1. User clicks a HTML-Button (for Example "Load Model") // Button should be outside of the Canvas if possible

2. Button calls Function with modelName as Parameter

3. Function checks if Model with modelName exists in some Kind of Library

4. If so, the Model gets Downloaded

5. Model gets rendered

So, as far as i was able to find out, it is totally possible to pass Information from a HTML-Element to the Babylon Engine. But is it possible to download something at runtime (CORS is considered) that has never before been used inside the Project. The reason for this is that I want the Game to handle almost the whole "What shall i display?, Where shall i display it?, Which Components does the Object have" - Functionality dynamically without defining too much of it inside the Project.

I hope I was able to give you an insight into what I want to achieve.




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Hi lateKnight. Welcome to the forum :).

I'm not the best coder on this forum by any stretch of the imagination - but I will make a suggestion.


Create a basic empty/basic BJS scene then have your HTML buttons call a function that uses the above type of code to append your new model to that scene

See here for an example of using that type of function by @JCPalmer

cheers, gryff :)

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