F2P MMO (browser game) also on Steam

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we just released a new MMO game on Steam : Battlestick. The game is also playable at http://battlestick.net



What is your ping please? We have install a new server (Canada based) and we would like to be sure US players don't have too much ping. 

Also, Battlestick is made with PhaserJS using web-socket + NodeJS/MongoDB

We have received more than 35 000 players in 4 days :o We hope this will continue so let me know please if you have suggestions or any ideas.

Thanks in advance ! 



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I had good ping!
Interesting game, the phyics can get a bit glitchy but I'm assuming that is also the point. Curious, did you use Phaser on the server?

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It says my location on the left side of my post under my username.

I was running at roughly 60fps and somewhere around 25ms, but it would randomly jump up to 100ms+.

As for the physics, I saw a few people flying and my bow flips backwards if I move my cursor around too fast.

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Yeah 70% dislike, seems that a lot of people didn't like our humorous concept :)



The game is a lot of fun though. Got an average of ~90ms ping, UK. Solid 60fps.

Awesome thank you :)

NodeJs Steam passport plugin https://github.com/liamcurry/passport-steam


Also, how is this an MMO? 6 people per game is hardly 'massive'...

We just increased the limit to 8. Nevertheless we plan to increase it to 20 or so for team game mode

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