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Few things you'll need to do to this game ^_^

I need to know somehow which ones I've pressed, so either make them glow or change their colour after being pressed.

Dragging everything down after each touch is really off putting, maybe leave that feature just for hard mode? Or, take it out for easy, reduce it for normal mode and do it this way for the hard mode. I like little games like this, much easier to do with fingers than the mouse.

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Try it now, I updated a few things.

  • There is no push when clicked
  • Color now changes when clicked

As for optimizations

  • Promoted several static variables to state properties, rather in function vars
  • Added conditionals to not update variables as often
  • Tile textures specifically were put into state
    • This helped a lot, and I'm still not sure why, I guess the look up within the closure was taking too long?
  • Optimized for view
    • Tiles not in view have their input and exists set to false;


  • Crashes on your second retry
  • Still slow on mobile devices

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