[wip] Infinity Sector (small RTS Space game)

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Hey guys,

I'd like get feedback on the game I'm working on; Infinity Sector (working title). I'm using Construct 2.

It's a RTS space game that has a tactical pause to plan out attacks. There's also a slow motion mode.
It's highly inspired by the game Distant Star Revenant Fleet. ;)

Right now I have the bare minimum on the game made, but I wanted to get some feedback on what I have now before I start adding other things. 
There's only 1 playable ship and only have 3 enemies ships so far.
The weapons and ship upgrades are limited to 4 currently.

Info about the game:
The game is endless and each level is randomly generated (will have more stuff later on), you start off with some 'stores' you need to capture to get credits and supplies to level up your weapons and ship and then get to the exit for a boss fight. You can get to the exit without capturing any stores but you will be weaker to fight the boss.
The enemies and boss get harder each level. 

I'd love to hear opinions on game balancing / game mechanics etc and any other comments you may have!

Please keep in mind this is really early and a lot of art are still placeholder and there's no sounds besides the main menu.
There's also a few known bugs like the game doesn't pause when you click the menu button while ingame, you need to pause before clicking it.

I attached some images.

Here's a link to the game: 
Infinity Sector Pre-Pre Alpha

Thanks in advance!






updated 5/31/2016
- Fixed the no pause while the menu is open bug, but I took out the slow mode for now.
- Fixed bug where the player ship went off on it own.

Edited by LegionGhost
Updated bugs

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Really love the Mini Map! It's amazing haha :lol:

Assuming I just have to go around and blow the hell out of other ships right? Which is always good fun. There isn't much else on the map, but it looks pretty, just not too much to interact with. Capturing bases etc, is a good idea! I like it.

Is there a way to keep controls on screen, or bring them up? That's quite a few to remember after only seeing it once :o

When I'm battling an enemy, the ship goes off flying around in a random way? Are those evasive manouvres or :ph34r:?

Well I like this game. What are you using to build the Server Side?

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Hi Umz, thanks for trying it out!

Yeah, right now I only have the basic stuff in the levels, I'll be adding more stuff later on.
The enemies take damage from the mines and you can also target the mines with weapon 3 btw. :) 

I added the controls text to the [menu] (button is on the upper left) screen while in the game. 

I fixed the no pause while the menu is open bug, but I took out the slow mode for now.

That's a bug when your ship goes flying on it's own, I fixed it, I just made it that it turns to the enemy selected instead of getting closer. ;)

I'm not doing anything for the server, I just export from Construct 2 and upload it to my server.

Thanks again!

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I like the semi-automatic controls. Awesome parallax too.

Here's an idea: Instead of WASD or cursors for scrolling, use mouse position relative to edges to scroll, and perhaps use acceleration, so that the closer to edge you go with your mouse, the greater the scrolling acceleration towards that direction, or better yet, use the center of screen as a reference instead of edges, or even better, the character's position. Make the weapon controls closer to the center or characters position (you'd have to give it some thought and trials) so that selecting some won't cause a huge scrolling or none at all, maybe add them in a small semitransparent "link" that will unfold to show the weapons and where hovering with the mouse won't cause any scrolling. 

Either ways, provide a button to quickly focus back on the character, in case you're scrolling too far away and enemies appear in the minimap.

I missed a way to cancel a selected weapon.

I don't know why but I could only play once. Next time I refreshed the browser, the start menu controls wouldn't respond.

Edit: Sorry I hadn't read the OP. So level's are random, very cool stuff!

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Thanks for the input ecv!

I'll think about what you mentioned.

My bad, I forgot to add the text on how to deselect a weapon, it's just left clicking in empty space.
F is to focus back on your ship.

Thanks again!

edit: can anyone mention if the game was too hard or too easy please?

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Rather easy for me. Actually I first thought you couldn't get killed (maybe it was done on purpose to show a greater deal of the game) as I didn't understand the life bars. I got killed after 4 or 5 levels playing quite recklessly.

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