[Phaser/demo] Captain Rogers: Battle at Andromeda

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I'm working on a sequel to my first game with Captain Rogers as a main character. It was called Asteroid Belt of Sirius and was created in the prehistoric times of May 2013. It's high time to do some proper battle as Rogers finally learned how to shoot! I did the coding and Blackmoondev did the graphics, again.



Play the demo: http://rogers2.enclavegames.com/demo/

There's a short blog post about it too if you're interested. The full version will have more everything: worlds (backgrounds), weapons, bonuses, enemies and bosses.

I'd love to have feedback from you, thanks!

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Technically it's a very good game, the graphics and sound and controls are all very well made. I especially like the screen shake effect when things explode. :) But it could use a little more variation; I mean more enemies, attack patterns, differnt bosses, weapon-powerups, other hazards than just meteors etc.

And I think there's a bug with the boss logic. The first boss shoots projectiles but starting with the second boss it doesn't shoot at all, making it really easy to beat. Also, maybe add an explosion when shooting the powerups. I first thought I had to shoot the stars and green-plus signs to get them. And the boss could use a health meter too, so you know how far you beat it.

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Thanks for the feedback. As I said in the post - it is a demo and the full version will have everything you mentioned and more.

The boss should shoot all the time, so it have to be some kind of a bug - I'll check it out. Explosion of a power up is a good idea. And the health meter for the boss should be there, so it must be a bug too. Thanks for finding those!

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I've updated the demo with your feedback - thanks! Here's the changelog:

- colliding with the enemy ship only takes half of the shield now
- explosion when shooting the powerups is shown
- the volume of the sound of shooting is lower
- fixed the bug of the next bosses not shooting
- boss is spawned after "bossfight" message disappears
- fixed the collision boxes of player/bullets/asteroids/enemies
- updated to Phaser 2.6.1

Play the game: http://rogers2.enclavegames.com/demo/

Now I'm working on adding Gamepad API support. If you happen to find more bugs or have any suggestions feel free to post it here, thanks!

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