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The fifth edition of the js13kGames competition starts in more than two months, but I wanted to slowly start organizing everything already. I'll announce everything here, and if you have any questions feel free to ask.


For those who don't know: it's a JavaScript coding competition for HTML5 game developers. You have a month (from August 13th till September 13th) to create a game on the given theme (announced at the start of the compo) that have to fit into the 13 kilobytes limit with all the resources when zipped. It is a challenge, but the one that spawns creativity.

Check out rules and previous entries, forum topics from 2014 and 2015, follow compo on Twitter and Facebook for updates. Check the Resources page for tools and other useful materials.

And yes, I'm trying to improve the rules, voting system, and backend from your feedback taken over the years. Remember: I failed with so many things every single year and I will probably fail also this time. The compo is suppose to be for fun, and I'm doing everything mostly on my own in my free time, so instead of complaining feel free to help - thanks.

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46 minutes ago, ecv said:

How would you know if competitors started coding on August 13th? Relying on pure honesty?

Well, I can't, and yes - at some degree I rely on honesty ^^

Theme will be announced when the compo actually starts, and the judges will give points, among other factors, based on the implementation of the theme. It wasn't so strict through the years so if you're motivated enough and will work all year and create something without implementing the theme yet it'll be so awesome that it'll win the competition, then good for you :)

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Hi Everyone,

Just in case this might be useful, 2 years ago I created a micro game engine specifically for making JS13K games:


... Yes, that's right - it has most of the features of Phaser (inlcuding a built-in sound effects generator!) but the code base is about 100 times smaller :)  

It compresses down to 6.5k gzipped, which leaves you with another 6.5k for your game code - that's plenty.

Ga is still under active maintenance and development (it's my baby!) so if anyone wants to try it - go ahead!

I'm too busy to make a game for JS13K this year, but I'll have my eye on Ga's GitHub Issues in case anyone has any questions, bug reports, or wants to contribute to the project (... bonus points for removing code!)



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Next update.

- Jscrambler
- Gameasy

- Pedro Fortuna
- Frederic Rezeau

- 10 × The Curious Expedition game
- 5 × Kendo UI Professional
- 3 × CodePen Pro account
- 30 × GitHub personal account
- 10 × Phaser Editor
- 3 × Jscrambler license

The competition starts in just FOUR DAYS!

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