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[Beta]Hardpoint - Multiplayer Tank Battle Game

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It has been a long road of learning, but I think I finally have my first attempt at a multiplayer game ready for some more public testing and feedback. I still have some work to do, and the art is only what I could do largely on my own and with some friends helping.

Hardpoint is a online tank battle game where two teams of up to 5 each battle for the map objective. Each core chassis has numerous weapon locations (hardpoints) that can be outfitted with machine guns, rocket launchers, missiles, flame throwers, and more. Each tank crew can bring up to three different perks to the battle as well, which offer bonuses like small bonuses of faster speeds, and quicker ability cool-downs. Each chassis has a special ability they can trigger, from nitro boosts with mine drops, to artillery, to regeneration.

GAME LINK:  http://game-128ghardpoint.rhcloud.com/signin.html

IE/Firefox/Chrome: (Chrome is prefered)
Google Account: For login and tracking of stats.

Backend: Nodejs, Mongodb and SocketIO. 
FrontEnd: Impactjs, Box2d, jQuery and Sound Manager 2.

Current Status:
I know I have plenty to work on still, with refining portions to adding more clear features and cleaning up code. Still, let me know what you think. Play with your friends and give me feedback.

BUGS which are being worked:
-The Social Section, (friends list) is still a work in progress, but it does work. 
-Chat window resizing goes a little wonky and needs to be set.
-Crash during some rhino charges due to the box2d set position and turret projectile contact listener issue.

Thanks in advance to anyone who plays, and feel free to hit me up with any questions you have.




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I applied a solution, so please, if you had an issue before, give it another attempt and let me know if you still can not login. Thanks to everyone who is willing to give me feedback and try the game.


Alright, after a ton of digging into google Oauth2, I am much closer to the root of the problem for some folks. My passport.deserializeUser function is not returning the full object from the sessioncookie. I have a pretty good idea how to fix it, but I am still not sure specifically why it is having trouble with some accounts and not others. I'll work the fix this week and update when it is corrected.





I am still really amateur at this stuff, but learning all the time. I tried using google Oauth with passport for access token authentication. I really liked the idea if I got into more advanced stuff. However, it appears to have some more issues than I originally discovered. I had my wife test and she was having the same issue, so I will work on figuring it out as to why it wont authenticate. I will say that it does return the profile data once authorized, but it just wont authenticate the user. 

As much as it is a sin, I had her use IE and it did work and let her login, so please try that for me as a work around and let me know if you have any issues. I had 12 users test already, and everyone was great, so of course I get to embarrass myself during my more public release. I appreciate anyone helping me get to the root of this issue. Try Firefox and/or IE and see if that has a different access result, and let me know, as well as the version you are using. Worst come to worst, I'll just go with a local storage for passwords and remove the whole google thing.

If it is a browser specific issue, I'll into version requirements for the authentication method I am using and make the update.



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The google authentication is now working well. You can join games in progress, and to make it easier to know who is online, I added a better player listing. You can now see online folks in chat like most other games. If you have feedback, just please let me know what you think. I am always eager to hear it, as it might help me make the game better. Thanks.

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