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Hello, everyone !

Here's a game I have been working on forever. I am so grateful for phaserJS and the progress it has been through so far !

Thankful for everyone who has helped me on the forums through this journey. 

Please I appreciate your feedback. I hope you guys will enjoy it. -> GAME HERE

Facebook page -> HERE



Finish the game.PNG






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It was saying press enter but didn't do anything during the intro :angry: haha, thought I was pressing the wrong button :lol:#

Maybe I just plain suck ;) but here's a few things I think you should do:

  • Platforms should appear off screen to the right, that way I don't get hit by a newly generated platform.
  • Add some easing to the movement and perhaps reduce the maximum velocity

I love the design, and theme works so perfectly. Got to the start of level 2. So I'm guessing I do just suck haha

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