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In the game, the player is a PhD student that digs his way through the deep dungeons of his imagination. At each playthrough, a totally new adventure is generated. To clear the dungeon, the player needs to explore all five levels and defeat the final boss. Each level consists of several rooms. When players defeat all enemies in a room, they receive a new weapon, which could be better or worse than the previous one. The last room in the level contains a portal to the next level.


  • Arrows: Move
  • X: Aim / Shoot
  • Z: Cancel / Use Special



Level Layout.gif

Weapon Pattern.gif

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Nice and simple gameplay and good graphics. It got quite annoying when the game exited back to the main title after every death, I would make the player respawn at a certain room/checkpoint on death. Also, maybe try changing the background after a few levels from brown to maybe blue or red. 

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Hey Bro! I didn't know you where making HTML5 stuff. This is a really cool game. Played about 10 times and the only problem I found is this impossible(?) situation:


As you can see I just started that room and any move will get me killed unless I had the perfect gun for the job. This happened to me 3 times, 2 where in a row. Other than that this is a really well made game and I hope it does well on the stores.

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