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Hi Everybody :) !

I'm working on a game with camera follow, and many plans on background.

Is there a solution to make them moved at differents speeds ? To create parallax effect :).


Thank you !!


And sorry for my english ^^..

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3 minutes ago, LTNGames said:

Alot of these questions are in the examples section for phaser, you will need to use the tiling sprite for the parallax background effect.

Tiling sprite Example:

 you could also lock the tiling sprite to the camera like so.

this.background.fixedToCamera = true;



I know that...

But when camera is following a sprite, first the sprite is moving to the center of the screen, after that, the camera is mooving , and last, the camera stoped and sprite is moving again.

How could i create the parallax effect only when the camera is moving ?

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This is what I do for my tiling sprite background which only moves when the camera moves.

var x = this.stage._bounds.width;
var y = this.stage._bounds.height;
this.background = this.add.tileSprite(x, y, 1000, 750, 'level1bg');
this.background.fixedToCamera = true;, null, 0.1, 0.1);

Final effect


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My background is parallax effect, I forgot to show you the code the ties it to the camera, it's a subtle effect but you can see it if you look at the trees being cut off as the player moves.

// I set the y value to 0 because I don't need my background to move up and down just left and 
//right. This line goes in an update function.
 this.background.tilePosition.set(, 0);


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