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visual js API examples help -
Take a look : 

-Add new game Object with single image:
-Use For loop for creating objects
-Visual JS -Add Webcam to Object
-Add webcam with motion detect
 -ZoomIn/ZoomOut game_object effect
-Translate object
-Rotate object ( OSCILLATOR class )
-Add particle
-Add textbox

view all at :

slot demo:

Source :
creator : Nikola Lukic
about : Visual JS 2d canvas multiplatform game engine
This is JavaScript game engine (server part node.js / client part js)
Js framework with windows GUI editor and game instance creator.

**Basic licence rules :**

1) Each file in this project has its own license , be careful , do not violate the basic rules.
2) You are free to use any version of Visual JS library in any other project (even commercial projects) as long as the copyright header is left intact
Except for plugins on sale and graphics that come with them (they have special commercial licence).
3)Please read the following terms and conditions before using this application:

Disclaimer of warranty
'Visual js' is provided "as-is" and without warranty of any kind, express, implied or otherwise, 
including without limitation, any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. 
In no event shall the author of this software be held liable for data loss, 
damages, loss of profits or any other kind of loss while using or misusing this software.

External licences in this project :
Webcam NUI control is under : Created by Romuald Quantin.
Download from :
WEBRTC - webcam communication is under : 
Creator Muaz Khan MIT License -
Experiments -

Installation and setup :
In server Instance folder (navigate to server_instance/)
1) Install next modules :
In node.js command prompt or console enter next installation command :
npm install mysql
npm install delivery
npm install express
npm install mkdirp
npm install
npm install nodemailer@0.7.0
Setup config.js
You will find config.js in server_instance folder : (All node.js application you can find in same folder (server_instance) . Some app have local usage )
module.exports = {VERSION : "0.5",
PATH_OF_WWW : "D:/xamp/htdocs/project_instance/", // PATH_TO_WWW EDIT HERE
EDITOR_PORT : "1013",
REG_PATH : "users/",
ACCOUNT_PORT : 3666 , 
This is all .
How to start :
1) Copy project_instance/ folder to the www folder or use visual-js.exe and create new application (select folder for www and server path).
2) start server_instance/editor.js
3) In browser navigate to project-instance folder (index.html)

Click right button and you will see content menu . First item is **Add New game object** .
Than your game objectn will show at web page. Right click on rectangle area to see game object cantent menu.
**local node.js application tools** ( *Use this in develop mode only* ): #
- server_instance/res.js - create RESOURCE js object ( ADD image or images for animation )
put image or images in one folder for example TEST_RES/ . Put that folder in this location **project_instance/res/** .
run server_instance/node res.js 
After finishing restart web page ind enter in console RESOURCE.TEST_RES

RESOURCE have all images path data. When you create folder with image and build with *node res.js* we did not create images object.
Images object will be created after you add animation to the game objects.

This is good because memory safe.
- server_instance/editor.js
create game objects direct in web browser view.


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From the first day I realized the possibilities that bring html5 technology. especially full duplex networking (WebSockets), canvas2d and WebGL. I'd never worked professionally programming that was not html5. I loved VB6. But there are no jobs in Serbia for native apps. Many avoid using js so they use jq and boostrap and 91% .I want a comprehensive framework with the full range of possibilities. I want to strictly work on all modern devices.  I heard comments that the WebSocket catty move. I guess it was about in the context of security . I dont like trouble working with other frameworks (needs learning).Best way for me was my own framework.


 For now it is possible only one Program . One program have a Modules (Arrays) for draw and update method very simple.
One type of object can be pushed to the modules - game_object . On game object can be attached component like webcam , pencil collision etc. You can use custom draw also.

Last update for API : 

API doc 1.0


If you use editor.js to visual create game object method , you must start ***node build_from_editor_to_visual_js_file.js*** on the end of work.
This tool will create visual.js in folder starter/ with all your game object was created in editor style .

My last update : Visual source editor  win gui


Visual Editor : 

Direct script edit  .


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