Rendering: Auto, Canvas or WebGl? detect device os?

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I'm making a game that need to run on web desktop and mobile devices. 

At first we were using rendering Auto but we noticed that it was slow on ios. It reached 30fps top on iphone 5. We noticed that auto seem to always choose webgl on ios. On android and desktop it worked perfect.

Now we switched to rendering canvas and it works at 60fps on the iphone 5 but we noticed some big, sporadic, slowdowns on Android and desktop.

What is the best approach for multiplatform games? Do I need to detect the os of the device? How is this done?

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On 24/6/2016 at 4:53 AM, VitaZheltyakov said:

I always use Canvas. In the game settings, the user can select WebGL

We will do that but I'm still have the same doubt to see if there is an option to make it automatically. Our sponsor is not happy with the Webgl toggle.

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