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Attack On Humans

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now it's my turn. I have made a game I had always in mind, and it got totally different, as most of the times ideas don't work and you have to change a lot.

However, here is Attack On Humans. It's aimed for mobile devices. I need feedback, especially about things I could have totally overlooked. So tell me everything you notice or think this or that is a bad design idea etc. Thank you!

Play it here:


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It seems too easy. I got fully powered up without ever dying.

I'm a little confused by the acceleration and firing controls. touching the right or left side accelerates you in that direction, and fires the main beam. But as long as you don't let go of either side for more than an instant, you'll always move at max speed, and you'll always fire, which makes the game easy.

The beam's trail on the ground seems to always stick out to the right, which seems like a bug.

When you drop your little terminator-soldier power-ups, the background changes. Bug?

I'm not sure why you need to pick a region of the Earth. It looks cool, but it doesn't seem to affect gameplay.

I like the variety of enemies and power-ups.

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Thank you for your feedback!  ! Great feedback! I will respond soon! (have to go to GF now..) :) 


Ok, I'am back.

The acceleration and fire controls are a bit weird, yea. Maybe I should make the laserbeam firing constantly and making the player focus more on dodging and special attacks. I have reduced the enemy bullet dmg since it was to hard for my non gamer(or heavy casual gamer) friends. But I will increase the enemy bullet dmg after the laserbeam constant firing change.

The trail looks like a bug? Ok, i have thought about it as a trace of energy.. hm..

I have made recent changes to the guys which reorders the z-order. I will have to take a look at it.

The worldmap is just like a level selector, the enemies get stronger each time you fight them their, it's never ending, in a way you can't win the game, because humans will get to strong on a high level. 

Previously I wanted to make a map like the one of Plaque Inc. where you have to wipe out the earth but this might be to much for a game like this. + I have so many games in pipe that I thought and read from great devs: "sometime you have to finish a game and resign some features."

Thank you again!

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