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I wanted to share a game that is quite important for me, although you've probably seen hundreds of similar ones already. It's special personally, because it took me almost four years from the first prototype to the finished game. It gets even funnier when you see how small the game actually is, and that it could have been done in a month or two.



You can play the game here:

And, what is more important, read the story here:

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Congrats on finishing the game! I can relate to your story.

Not sure if this is a bug but I was able to beat last boss without losing any HP (it kept refilling somehow see screen below). Also, I got quite a lot of "no more move shuffles" so I was mostly spending time searching for the only one move available in the grid... Overall I like the concept but would be great with few more features / combo powers and better balancing.


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I'm already a fan of yours and your team for several reasons. You really intrigued me with this:

On 1/7/2016 at 1:25 PM, end3r said:

[...]it took me almost four years[...]it could have been done in a month or two.[...]

So I decided I HAD to read the story after I played the game. I "wasted" a big part of the evening playing it, so thank you very much :P Yeah, I like it, that was addictive and I had a great time playing it. Simple and easily grasped game play along with all the FX. I do think the increase in difficulty is smooth, although I'm not sure if bombs and hearts are randomly added, and specially hearts do make a great difference in the outcome of the battle. The music is great and epic and goes well with the epic battles! Which they are, as they can and will get quite lengthy. I'd have never imagined this would suit a puzzle game that well. Of course after playing for a very long time, it does get repetitive.

I did experience what Okijin mentioned too, and I found a bug, which I hit for 3 times, sorry. After reading your story, if I were you, I'd throw my keyboard out of the window and bury my head on the ground. I didn't want to spend a long time reproducing it so I just got a screen shot and some explanations I could give to help you find it. I think I found a couple of extra minor bugs too. Let me know in PM if you're interested (I would not :lol:)

Last but not least I found your article very, very insightful. While it's not the first time I've heard this piece of advice, "listening" to a real story around it, is an eye opener. I really struggle keeping things simple. I hope I'll eventually FINISH something.



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OkijinGames, thanks! It have to be a bug, probably involving the life rune being the faulty one - I'll check it out. And yeah, I have to admit the difficulty balance is quite poor, but at the end I didn't have any energy left to continue working on it and decided to publish as it is. With an overall good feedback though I may try to get back to it and work on a few extra things.

nefertiti, thank you! And good luck beating the Elemental!

ecv, thanks! Great to hear you enjoyed the game, it really means a lot. And yeah, the difficulty level balance definitely needs more polishing.

Can you PM me the bugs you found? Can't guarantee it, but I will really try to fix them! ;]

I also remember a few similar stories, but it's always "someone else's problem" and it doesn't matter until you hit the wall yourself and say "yeah, it's all true". Good luck with your projects!

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