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[WIP] Jelly Slice

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Hi again,


(UPDATE: Jelly Slice is now available for non-exclusive HTML5 licensing, feel free to contact me for more information).


Jelly Slice is my second HTML5 game. I plan to release it on Windows Phone Store first (freemium) and at the same time make a premium version available for mobile web licensing. There will be an iOS and Google Play version and I have also created an early build for Tizen that I will try to update with the current version before the challenge deadline next week.


The game is based on one single rule: "Slice the jelly so that each slice contains only ONE star."


The final version is expected to contain 7 packs of 30-40 levels each  and I am currently working on the level generator to help me with the content. 


Here is a gameplay video:











The screenshots are from the Windows Phone build which does not suffer from clipping aliasing noticeable in Chrome on polygons for the jelly - something that I was not able to solve so far (at lower resolution it becomes quite annoying).


The demo version can be played here (feedback welcome) :)

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Thanks all,


Looks and plays great. Can you share some technical details on how you generated the jelly?


For the jelly, I went with a "fake it" approach (nothing physics based). The bounding polygon corners are smoothened using a bezier curve and animations are rendered by moving the control point of the quadratic curves based on a timer that is reset when a cut occurs. 




Originally I wanted to achieve something similar to these cute pudding monsters from Zeptolab but had to revise my goals very quickly... maybe in version 2 ill try harder  :)



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o.O Whaoo, that's really impressive! Great job!

Runs pretty well on my iPhone4 ios5 (yes, not 6, not 7) safari also.

Looks like you did the code and the graphics yourself ?

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