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Phaser Scene Graph plugin

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Here's a snippet to quickly look at a running game (run in console):


(this.game || Phaser.GAMES[0]).load.script("SceneGraph",
    function (){


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On 14/07/2016 at 7:51 PM, samme said:

Prints Phaser’s display tree in the console. Demo / Code


Nice, another addition to the available arsenal of Phaser Debugging tools.

I made a little modification to pass a config object to the initialiser and added a new property to the config to determine if the plugin dumps it's initialisation info to the console or not.  Do you want it, either the modified source file or via github PR.

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9 hours ago, samme said:

Sure, post the modified source.


Here it is.  Mostly I didn't want the plugin to affect the console when it initialises, but having it process a config object on initialisation could be useful anyway.

To initialise the plugin without it dumping to the console, you would do:

    game.plugins.add(Phaser.Plugin.SceneGraph, {'quiet':true});


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