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Hi, we have recently released Fallin for Android and iPhone/iPad.

Please have a look, we are happy about any feedback :)




    Fallin is an intuitive casual game with the potential of spending and losing a lot of your spare time.
    The player falls in front of stars, clouds and balloons. On the long way down, an endless number of elements has to be passed. 
    Collect bonus items and achievements, try to get as far as you can and achieve your rank in the global leaderboard.
    Fallin is the new game by I WANT AN ELEPHANT the indie game developers from Stuttgart, Germany.

    You can download Fallin on the App stores and play it for free. 


Fallin for iPhone and iPad: App Store
Fallin for Android devices: Play Store

You can also follow us at:


or visit our website:


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We released a new update!  

The Fallin Christmas Edition features a brand new winter theme :)

Try it for free: 
- Android: http://bit.ly/291ECqe
- IOS: http://apple.co/2a3So9F


screen696x696 (1).jpegscreen696x696 (2).jpegscreen696x696 (3).jpegscreen696x696 (4).jpegscreen696x696.jpeg

> It would be also great if you make a vote for us on SlideDB. We are nominated for the "AppOfTheYearAward2016". 
> You can vote without an account ;)



We wish you a merry christmas!

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