[WIP] [Own engine] CubeBattle - Free online multiplayer 2D battles of square-faced cubes!

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CubeBattle aims to be a free (as in freedom, aswell as in price) 2d platformer online. You plays a Cube that have to get the Flag before other players. Each time you are first, your team won 3 points. The ultimate goal is to win a maximum of point to make your team become the #1 of CubeBattle ranking. Another interesting feature is that players are able to create and export their own maps on the server, letting other players to play on it. That way, every player can contribute improving the game while expressing it's mind.


I built CubeBattle on my own, writing an own physical engine, an own drawing engine (even if the code is messy yet). I sincerely hope that I'll be able to get this project to a nice state :P

You can play a prototype at the following:


Thanks for reading and feel free to report me any issues (even little ones) you might encounter while playing this prototype :)

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There wasn't anyone else online so it was a little difficult to test the game out. Try adding bots when no one else is online and displaying the number of people on the server. Also, this game would be awesome with weapons to attack opponents. 

Overall, nice concept and polished graphics, I think this game could become pretty popular with more features.


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