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Hiya @FlashyGoblin, good to see you, as always.  And, you ask some darned difficult (but good) questions!  How much research have you done, on this?

One of the issues I've seen... is that when a LINK is used to order-in some webfonts...

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css"

...the actual fonts are not "loaded".  (Example above.... found here).  Not until the browser needs to USE that font... do they load-in.  By this time, the text2D is already displayed.  So, webfontloader has some delays and timeouts... and so, it can be sure that the fonts are fully loaded, before anything else happens.

The theory... is that once you get the font loaded... you can use it BY NAME... in an unmodified text2D primitive.  I'm not promising anything, but... just maybe... it is that simple.  Somehow wait until the font map is available to the browser... loaded... and then it can be used just like any other font.

Ok, that's all I know, so far.  Thoughts?  Hopefully, some experts (such as currently-taking-a-well-deserved-break @Nockawa)... will visit and comment.  But, now you also have some things to try, right Flashy?  We have playgrounds that load-in external JS scripts, and you can document.head.appendChild <LINK> elements as well.  I'd say, step #1... use webfontloader to retrieve the font map/font texture you want.  Then try to use it on a dynamicTexture.drawText() and see if you can get your web font working that way.

Then... you know... take the big step... and try a for-sure-browser-loaded web font... on a text2D.  I think it can be done.  Thoughts?  Playgrounds?  I'm all ears. :)  What a great question... you have asked.  Phew.   Big, juicy one.  heh

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13 minutes ago, adam said:

Whoa! I was just about to respond to this thread with all of my research and past tests, when @adam swoops in like a BOSS and totally owns it!! That seems to work great!!!! I will try to implement that into my project and let you know my results. 

Thanks man!!!

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