Issue when viewing a 3ds Max model in Sandbox

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I created a pc case model in 3ds max and added light and a camera etc...

I then exported it using the babylon exporter plugin but when I view it in sandbox a lot of the pieces of the case are missing.

You can see from the screenshots below what it should look like and what it looks like in Sandbox.

I have attached a zip file with the 3ds max file along with the materials and the .babylon file that was created.

Any help would be appreciated



case in sandbox.jpg

case in 3ds max.jpg

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Ok, so I figured out what the problem is.

When I use the boolean function in 3ds Max to subtract a hole in another shape and try to run it in the sandbox it disappears.

If I undo the subtraction and run it, it displays fine.

So the boolean function in max must be affecting the geometry of the shape or something.

Has anyone encountered this issue before and has a solution? Because I don't want to have to remodel everything.


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