Best Solution For Loading a lot of Mesh in Large Scene

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what is the best Solution for load a lot of obj and geometry (with texture) ?

the main problems :

when we wanna load all before start render a long time we most wait.

when we start engine Animation and add Mesh with delay   scene is lock a short time per each object 

have any thread for loading (buffering) in babylonjs?




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The wait is impossible to avoid if you need the meshes to be ready and used right away i guess, just use manifests and hope the player doesn't clear his browser cache daily :P

@chicagobob123 you don't need a interval, just call a function when the mesh is done loading.

can also, rather easily, be edited to work with progressCallback's.. by checking if loaded amount equals the total size before doing progCount+=1; 

var progCount = 0, totalAssets = /* number of assets you're loading */;

//load meshes..

//on last line of the import code for each mesh, finishedLoading();

function finishedLoading(){
	if(progCount === totalAssets){
		//continue with whatever you need to do next.. 


Also, if using the AssetsManager you can skip above code completely and use the assetsmanager's pre-made function that is called when all meshes have been loaded.. I can't recall the name of it though.

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i always try to minimize  things, in the end only values running trough switches 1 for on  0 for off : 1 0 0 1 1

var a 
var b+=a
var c +=a
a( load b(obj)
a( load c(obj) //lag 


Best Solution For Loading ?

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i wanna have step loading without any latency for render 

i watch the mesh loading the geometry load is fast but the texture (even when that load from IndexedDb ) the requestAnimationFrame function wait to complete the texture loading when the mesh have 10 or more texture you have big latency in step loading

how can buffer texture without latency ? this can be help to make soft step loading i think may be i am wrong at all i don't know





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@NasimiAsl  i'm not sure,

one way to "fix" it you could set the meshes isVisible = false; and when it's fully loaded set it to true.. atleast it won't show up without textures and if it's made out of several meshes it won't show up in bits as they get loaded.

and perhaps looking into pre-loading the textures could work.. load textures as babylon.js textures before you start loading the meshes and then set the textures as the meshes gets loaded.. dono.. does sound like a lot of work though :P 

but thats the two ideas i've got, hope you figure it out :)

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I got a project and i already pass the deadline since 2weeks.

Not only Textures also be also thoughtful, where you import a newMesh, and how, this affect Babylonjs

Interesting question! Maybe i catch up later! 

Hope you find a solution, that fits in your Project

@NasimiAsl 2Weeks behind my Project.


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