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Incorrect BoundingInfo from SceneLoader

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I think I've come across a bug with how SceneLoader handles positioning.  Not sure yet whether this is BJS 2.4, or the FBXExporter code that is being used to generate a .babylon file from the FBX that I exported from Blender.

When I load this file:

using BABYLON.SceneLoader.load()

I can't get the correct BoundingInfo for the lower equalizer bars (38_EQBars001); it provides the same bounding info as the upper equalizer bars (37_EQBars002).


for (i = 0; i < myScene.meshes.length; i++){
        console.log("found mesh with min: id = "+myScene.meshes[i].id+", "+myScene.meshes[i].getBoundingInfo().minimum.y+", and max"+myScene.meshes[i].getBoundingInfo().maximum.y);

returns the same min and max Y values for both equalizer meshes; even though they display correctly (e.g. not the same positions).

If you analyze the JSON of the .babylon file; you'll notice the position values for both meshes are almost identical.  What is different is the rotation quaternion for both meshes - which makes sense because to create the 2nd set of equalizer bars, I cloned the first set and then rotated them into position; Thus my theory at this stage is that either the FBXConverter or BJS 2.4 aren't taking this into consideration.

I also read this forum:

However, using setTimeout in conjunction with refreshBoundingInfo() doesn't seem to have any positive effect.

The downside of this all is that I can't tangentially position this model next to anything else as I don't have correct bounding info. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Hi - Thanks for the reply (sorry to post in the bugs forum if this doesn't appear to be a bug).

Still having the same issue; I'd create a sandbox to illustrate this - however I don't see a way to add your own .babylon files to the sandbox..?  Any other thoughts?


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Thanks for the pointer.. In trying to demonstrate my problem - I think I figured it out; I was rotating my mesh 90 degrees around the x axis in order to bring it into line; boundingInfo seems to reflect the mesh's original bounds - rather than those after it has been rotated.

This is the playground I created:

The goal here is to dynamically load a mesh/babylon file (e.g. potentially any mesh from an unknown source); and then position said mesh such that it is tangental to the ground mesh.

I ran the for loop again after the rotation was made to see if that would update the boundingInfo - however it doesn't seem to.

Perhaps not a bug - still a little confusing I found; spent quite a lot of time scratching my head on this one.

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It is correctly positioned now...  However I'm positioning the height of the model based off of the min and max Z values returned from the boundingInfo.  My intuition was expecting to use the Y values - but eventually guessed that I had to use the Z values as the model had been rotated 90 degrees around the x axis.

The final question I guess is - should boundingInfo automatically represent all translations such as position and rotation (haven't tested for positional changes yet) made to a given mesh; or is it the developer's responsibility to keep track of their changes and apply further calculations to boundingInfo in order to get updated values.  Obviously I'd prefer the former - but thought I'd raise the question none the less...

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