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Converting a filter to PIXI v4

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It seems i get a weird bug. Here's my test layer, that gets added to the scene (initialize gets called once, update gets called each update):

$.LIGHTING.Layer.prototype = $._extend(Object.create(PIXI.Container.prototype), {

    initialize: function() {;

        //this.addChild(this._demo = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('img/occlusion.png'));
        this._occlusion = PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('img/occlusion.png');

        this._test = new PIXI.Sprite(PIXI.RenderTexture.create(500, 500));
        this._test.filters = [new $.LIGHTING.RectangularToPolarFilter(), new $.LIGHTING.PolarToRectangularFilter()];

        Window.x = 0;

    update: function() {
        this._occlusion.x = Window.x;
        Graphics._renderer.render(this._occlusion, this._test.texture, true);


Now, it seems to work fine, as long as i don't move around the occlusion map. As soon as i do so, the filtered image updates, but it seems like older data (which should have been cleared from the RenderTexture) is still there (images are with Window.x = 0, 100 and 0 again):


I expected it to work, because when i render the occlusion map to the render texture, the filters aren't involved at all (or so i thought). If i don't use the filters, the texture gets updated correctly.

This is the occlusion map i'm using:


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It's actually an Rpgmaker plugin (though i'm using the latest PIXI version instead of the bundled one). The whole plugin can be found here:

It shouldn't be that hard to translate to a non-RM environment, though. Basically, you add an instance of IAVRA.LIGHTING.Layer to a scene and call its "update" function on each frame. "Graphics._renderer" would need to be substituted with however the PIXI.WebGLRenderer instance is called. Aside from that, i'm not using any RM specific classes.

/edit: For now i'm working on per-vertex lighting, instead (example:, since it's easier to grasp, until i come up with a solution ^^

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