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I wrote a Tutorial...

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Nice nice nice, P8!  Very detailed and thorough!  I could use a couple more <br> at the bottom... keep me from getting my beard caught in my keyboard (from reading too low on my monitor screen)  :D

Let's see, I think I saw a 'to slow' that should be a 'too slow'.  No biggie.  Looks a little comma-starved, too... also no biggie.  I found it easy to read and understand.  It's great!

When you write tutorial things like these, do you ever struggle-with WHEN to use "we" and when "I"?   How about writing without "we" and "I" completely? 

It's a strange phenomena.  Maybe "a person"?  "A guy?" 

"If a person wanted to add even MORE chaos, a person could adjust blah blah blah"  heh

You used lot's of "we".  Tiz cool.  Let's try that line above without ANY I, we, a person, a guy...

"If even MORE chaos is desired, the 'n' variable could be adjusted to blah blah blah"

*shrug*.  As you well-know, I write lots of tutorial-like things... in the forum itself.  SO, I get to play with I/we/a guy/a person/none... experiments... quite often.  The "none" version (like the line above)... is the most difficult to write-with, and it is the "coldest".  It has no "you and I are doing this together - you're not alone" -feel.

Your tutorial definitely has a "we're doing this together" -feel, because of all the "we".  I like it.  But I am still curious if you ponder "I" and "we" (or trying to avoid both)... when you write.  I do.  Sometimes I edit a big forum post... 30 times... before I'm happy with its "flow".  ouch.  :)

Thanks for the cool tutorial, P8!  Way to go!  Are you thinking-about using an Announcements sub-forum post... to permanently place it into the history books?  Maybe that's for things like new BJS version announcements.  More info here.

If I were you, I would consider putting Das_Noise folder inside of a tutorials/ folder... because you could write more tutorials, and I hope you do.   If you DO post in Announcements, the title is very important and so are the post's tagwords.  This helps folks find it, via forum searches for important terms.  You know all this already, duh.  Sorry.  :)

Definitely... feel free to announce this in the Tutorial Talk thread, if you wish.  At least write a few key words and a URL, there... ok?  thx!  Party on!

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for sure, there was a lot of discussion in my head who the target audience was.

I kinda feel like the we was a tool, to make the reader feel engaged and that they were learning something in time with me.

I say that was a "tutorial" but really all I did was document my development while i did it, and that seems like something I should be doing more often.
Thanks Wing your tutorials are always very well articulated.  I plan on doing more here as time progresses, and will do some targeted more to BJS, then general programing.

I know I have been talking a lot about noise lately, but there is a reason and you will all see very soon ^_^.

TOWER - WUKONG - and TERIABLE all are being tied together with two others project i never released called Celest and Warforge...  If you don't hear from me for a while its cause I'm cooking something up.

Here soon ill prolly write up a tutorial on procedurally generating buildings or plants.

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