Free Source Code of 2D/3D Games and examples in HTML5/WebGL

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Please, attach achieves to a free source code of 2D Games in HTML5 (or examples). Or give a link where one could download the source code.

Maybe you can give a source code of your games? But I want only with the rendering context of the canvas: "webgl" or "2d" (without using of frameworks like: babylon.js and so on)

Free Source Code from books:

2012 - 05 - Core HTML5 Canvas Graphics, Animation, and Game Development - David Geary

2012 - 06 - WebGL Beginner's Guide - Diego Cantor, Brandon Jones

2012 - 11 - Foundation Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript - Rex van der Spuy

2012 - 12 - Pro HTML5 Games - Aditya Ravi Shankar

2013 - 03 - The Web Game Developer's Cookbook - Evan Burchard

2013 - 07 - WebGL Programming Guide. Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL (OpenGL) -  Kouichi Matsuda, Rodger Lea

2014 - 02 - Programming 3D Applications with HTML5 and WebGL - Tony Parisi

2014 - 03 - HTML5 Games Creating Fun with HTML5, CSS3 and WebGL - 2nd Edition - Jacob Seidelin

2014 - 03 - Interactive Computer Graphics - 7th Edition -  Edward Angel, Dave Shreiner

2014 - 04 - WebGL Game Development - Sumeet Arora

2014 - 05 - WebGL HOTSHOT - Mitch Williams

2014 - 07 - HTML5 Game Development HOTSHOT - Makzan

2015 - 03 - Build an HTML5 Game. A Developer's Guide with CSS and JavaScript - Karl Bunyan

2015 - 05 - Advanced Game Design with HTML5 and JavaScript

2015 - 09 - Build your own 2D Game Engine - Kelvin Sung

2016 - 07 - Mastering HTML5 Game Development - Daniel Albu

Multiplayer in Node.js + socket.io:

2013 - 02 - Socket.IO Real-time Web Application Development - Rohit Rai

2015 - 05 - Multiplayer Game Development with HTML5 - Rodrigo Silveira

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Very good posts! Thanks! I need more examples. I want to find a source code of a planformer game like Bros. Super Mario 2D in WebGL (or 2D context of canvas)

I am reading now this very nice book: 2013 - 07 - WebGL Programming Guide. Interactive 3D Graphics Programming with WebGL (OpenGL) -  Kouichi Matsuda, Rodger Lea

I added more examples from the books to my first post.

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This is very good book: 2015 - 10 - Build your own 2D Game Engine and Create Great Web Games

This is WebGL. You can download code examples from link above. I will make my own 2D game engine that will base on the game engine discribted in the book.

I will also study Unity WebGL, socket.io (node.js) by making little demos. You can test my demo (use RBM for movement): https://green-apps.herokuapp.com/

I make it on the base of this course: Unity Multiplayer Game Development with Node | Pluralsight (April 2016)

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Hi, I am just wondering if there is someone who can give me a link where I can download open source html5 game source codes. I am creating a webview based app. The app is actually not a gaming app but more of a reading app. I just want to add few games on it. I tried searching the internet and I came across the link above (http://openhtml5games.com/) But unfortunately, most results I am getting are for desktop. Some of the html5 source codes will launch but will be useless because there is no onscreen button. If you can help me, please give me a link where I can find a lists of source codes of html5 games that will work on an android phone ( for touchscreen devices ). My reading app has a web portal ( where the users can visit different websites ) and a game portal ( where they can play html5 games anytime ) My target is atleast 15 or 20 games, I only have gotten 4. Thanks in advance.

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