Problem integrating Google Analytics

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So I tried integrating GA into my latest game for some stats tracking based on official google docs. I got the page views and events working but my metrics show up as "not set" for some reason. Here's my set up:


Here's the code I set up:


	TrackPageView: function(inPage, inTitle)
		if(!this._IsInitted || !this._IsEnabled) { return; }

		ga('send', 'pageview', inPage);

		if(typeof inTitle !== 'undefined')
			ga('set', 'title', inTitle);

		console.log("GA PageView: [" + inPage + "][" + inTitle + "]");
	TrackEvent: function(inCategory, inAction, inLabel)
		if(!this._IsInitted || !this._IsEnabled) { return; }

		ga('send', 'event', inCategory, inAction, inLabel);		

		console.log("GA Event: [" + inCategory + "][" + inAction + "][" + inLabel + "]");
	TrackEventVar(inIndex, inValue)
		if(!this._IsInitted || !this._IsEnabled) { return; }

		var i = 'metric' + inIndex;
		//ga('send', 'event', inCategory, inAction, {
		//  i: inValue
		ga('set', i, inValue );

		console.log("GA EventVar: [" + i + " = " + inValue + "]");		


And here's where I use it:


					sGA.TrackEventVar(1,  Math.floor(playTime));
					sGA.TrackEventVar(2,  Math.floor(sStats.FollowerSpawnedTotal));
					sGA.TrackEventVar(7,  Math.floor(sStats.BlueFlowersCollected));
					sGA.TrackEventVar(4,  Math.floor(sStats.FollowersDied));
					sGA.TrackEventVar(3,  Math.floor(sStats.FlowersCollected));
					sGA.TrackEventVar(5,  Math.floor(sStats.BunniesKilled));
					sGA.TrackEventVar(6,  Math.floor(sStats.SnakesKilled));
					sGA.TrackEvent("Game End", "GameEnd", "Game WON");
					sGA.TrackPageView("/gather-game-end-win", "GATHER Game WON");

Both Event and PageViews report properly, and the metrics under "Audience -> Custom -> User Defined" show up as "(not set)" 

Any idea?



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I have not worked with custom events, I'm curious if you've tracked activity in your network tab of a browser to see if data is being sent to google for your "sGA.TrackEventVar()" calls. Maybe they are responding with data or messages that could be helpful?

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