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Littlewargame, an RTS with mutiplayer and map editor

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So this is my first HTML5 game.


Its a relatively simple RTS (medieval / fantasy setting) which features working multiplayer (1v1 only at the moment). I havent done a lot of testing for multiplayer, so there might be bugs.

The game is still somewhere in alpha / beta, but playable.


I found there are not really too many good & working HTML5 RTS games with multiplayer, so i decided to do this. Its supposed to be something you can play anytime and anywhere and its relatively simple (atm theres only 3 unit types and 3 building types), but of course it still comes with the natural complexity of a realtime strategy game. So even though you know all the units after one or two games, theres still tons of different strategies and ways to play.


It also has a working AI for single player games, but the AI is pretty simple at the moment. I plan to improve the AI, but the main focus is definetly multiplayer.

I would really appreciate any feedback.

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I see you added zoom, but it is only at the center.. I think it would be better if it was zoom on the mouse.


What would be ideal for me is a mouse scroll via the left mouse button and a unit selection via the right mouse button.

i dont know it this would be so good. I could imagine a mouse scroll with the middle mouse and keep the others.

The for all the feedback so far.

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I really like this type of game and enjoyed playing it.  Here are a few random thoughts:

  • I wanted to zoom out more than it let me.  I was able to do this by changing my browser's zoom.   I do feel like it should be possible to zoom out a little more, but either way there should probably be a maximum amount of space that will render.   Otherwise, the person with the higher resolution monitor or browser zoom set down will have a huge advantage in multi-player.
  • Zooming in goes much further in than is useful.
  • The maps are very small.  I wish they were much bigger.
  • The 50 unit cap is frustrating.
  • The units sometimes glitch out and get stuck and just shake.   Some units sometimes get stuck behind other units and pace back and forth.
  • On one occasion the enemy AI blocked itself into a corner by placing buildings in such a way that none of its units could get to the other side.  This was on the rocky field map.
  • The AI is way too easy.   It could be that when I was younger I played too many games like this, but I was able to play through each map and win without ever really being challenged.
  • I feel like it should be much harder to build in a war zone.   My strategy was often to build towers right near the enemy units and then distract them with other units until the tower completes.   Maybe units under construction should take double damage to make it much more difficult to do this?
  • If a unit is attacking a building and then gets attacked by another unit, it should probably deal with the attacking unit before continuing to attack the building.   The way it is now I'd often let enemies attack buildings so that I could easily take them out without taking damage.    Buildings are easy to repair, so this works very well.

Anyway, those are just my random thoughts and nothing to take seriously.  Sorry if I wrote up too much.   I really like the look and feel of the game.   You are capturing a lot of the feel of some of the amazing retro RTS games of the past, and I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

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Hello, checked it, lost twice (:-(), and now really like it. Though haven't figured out how to make ballista (full upgrades) unit shoot at anything (had two of them and neither did anything to units or buildings - tried every building enemy had to hit with this). Is there some special unit needed to make it shoot?


Also noticed, at least for me, whenever I want to scroll through the map using mouse, when I scroll mouse too fast out of the active window (in firefox just moving mouse fast enough to reach top panels) the game doesn't scroll, so I had to carefully move mouse to the top making sure I didn't reach out of the window (even in full screen). Arrow scrolling covered that thankfully.

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