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Remove Any Phaser Process when Visibility Hidden

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Hi there,

Just a little background info. I try to submit my HTML5 games for TIzen smartwatch.
After some review process, my games got rejected because they detected that my games still using 12~24mA electricity when screen off/sleeping. Any application/games shouldn't be above 4~7mA when the device is sleeping, so they assume there is problem with my games when sleep/wake up.

I'm not using any special code from phaser regarding visibility change, I left all of them at default.
Is there any way to make sure that Phaser doesn't process ANYTHING at all when the screen is hidden (because screen off/sleeping)? I need to change the source code maybe?


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From reading source code, I realize the main controller of game loop is the game.raf . I assume that by stopping game.raf, I will totally stop any Phaser internal game process, is that right?
Can I safely call game.raf.stop() and game.raf.start() when I detect screen change?

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