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How to use Observer - Trigger Ball - Switch

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player_box.body.grounded = false;				
player_box.body.collisionResponse = 0;
player_box.body.addEventListener("collide", function(e){ player_box.body.grounded = true;
player_box.body.collisionResponse = 1;

   player_box.body.grounded = true;
   player_box.body.velocity.y = 0;
   player_box.body.grounded = false;	


Just add an event listener to the physics body for a collide.

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nice to see this alternative. I'll try it. Can you tell me which API are you using here? Is this cannon's API?

I know that that is possible. And I like this alternative

scene.registerBeforeRender( function() {
    if (ball.intersectsMesh(switchForBall, false)) {
        console("ball mesh intersect switchForBall");

But I really would like to know if onCollideObservable works. Maybe Deltakosh should know. I think he is programirmg babylonjs API.

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