ShadowGenerator doesn't take in account light position

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I am having trouble with the shadow generator, this playground illustrate my problem =>

I made a room with a window. Then I add two lights with a shadowgenerator for each one, the two sphere show their position into the scene. The one outside the room act properly (you can see light pass through the window), but the one inside the room light nothing.

If you comment line 97 -> 104 (remove the roof) the light inside act properly.

Thanks :)

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Hi guys!  To expand on that notion...

I am moving/animating the directional light1 .position... to see WHY directionalLights even have a .position property.  What is it used for?  I needed to do tests.  (curiosity, ya know?)  :)

As you can see, moving dirLight 1 far away, DOES do things.  Shadow edges get distorted, lighting gets dimmer, etc.  Not sure why.  Line 130... I experimented with light1.range... no affect seen.  hmm.  Switching usePoissonSampling to false... does even more fun things.  I HAVE heard that certain types of sampling... don't work well at great distances (like the distance to the Sun)  :)

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By default directionlight's position is used to define where the virtual camera used to render shadow maps should be positioned.

Since bjs 2.3, this position is automatically computed by Babylon.js (it takes the closer position where all the scene can be seen). But as always, you can also consider doing it by yourself.

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Helo guys,

Thanks for your reply :)

@jellix Directional light in babylon.js are using shadow mapping so as said Deltakosh it's possible to define a position. Nevertheless I am still a beginner in 3D, the directional light don't seem to be the right choice. What would be an adapted indoor light to fit a scene such as my playground?

@Wingnut Yeah I also notice some fun things with the sampling :

@Deltakosh Ok I'll give a try to see what can I get.

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