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deepstream.io as multiplayer realtime server

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I just wanted to share https://deepstream.io/ , a fast realtime server that we're working on which is a great fit for multiplayer gaming.

Please find a tutorial for a multiplayer spaceshooter build with deepstream and pixi.js on Pluralsight/Hackguides here:



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Hello @Wolfram,

Thank you for sharing with us this tutorial. I was looking into deepstream.io and thought about making game with this library. Then saw your tutorial. I just wonder know how performance is. I mean, is it right way to do make multiplayer games with this library? I don't want to invest too much time on game networking and don't want to write everything from scratch with socket.io or something like that. If it's possible to make multiplayer with deepstream.io, it will be easier to handle. 

Also do you have any plan to write second part of this tutorial? :)

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deepstream works well for casual multiplayer gaming - think Clash Royal etc. Generally speaking it

- has an average message processing latency under load of ~1ms (plus network latency)
- scales horizontally to facilitate significant throughput. We've run tests with a six node cluster forwarding messages / hour (https://deepstream.io/info/performance/four-billion-messages-per-hour/)
- is very cheap to run.
- speeds up development as its high-level concepts manage most of the hard stuff like connection logic, state recovery etc out of the box

it WON'T be a good fit though for games that require ultra low latency and significant prediction (think Call of Duty etc.). For these games you'd be better of building a custom solution that

- uses UDP multicast to minimize message times
- uses predictive positioning to move your characters to the position they will likely be in the next frame and only reconcile it if it receives different input (resulting in these jumps you know from laggy connections)

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