SWAT Kats - Running Kat

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I've recently released a non-commercial fan game called SWAT Kats - Running Kat which I've developed for using the Phaser game development framework. It's basically an endless runner using a subset of graphics and audio from the original game SWAT Kats - The Radical Squadron which has been released in 1995 for the Super-NES game console. It's not a remake but rather a reinterpretation having its own gameplay. The controls are kept as simple as possible such that I didn't need to implement too much platform-specific code. It has been tested on various desktops (PC and Mac), tablets and smart phones and is also compatible with the Madcatz Mojo game console.

I hope that this game attracts some attention to and to the SWAT Kats cartoon show in general whose preproduction of the continuation has been funded on Kickstarter last year.

Hope you folks enjoy playing it and feedback is very welcome. ;)


Link to the game:

Link to

Link to the SWAT Kats Revolution Kickstarter campaign (funded August 22nd 2015):


There's also a fan trailer video available for the game at YouTube:

And lastly some screenshots of the game:





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