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New Flash (CC) Supports HTML5

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Has anyone spent the past few days working with this new tool?  Any success stories?  Is this finally the holy grail that we have been looking for?


I am hoping for some good news....  




I had an opportunity to try it out and got somewhat mixed feelings about this. The biggest downside is inability to link classes to symbols (I mean JS prototypes or TS classes - the whole thing is grayed out) - so you're basically limited to standard MovieClip, Button and Graphic symbols and have to rely on naming conventions instead of direct inheritance. So, for example, if you're assembling a level and want to place an item which lets say is an instance of a TS-class Item, you currently can't do that inside Flash CC HTML5 Doc. May be there is a workaround which I'm not aware of?


Current docs on the subject:


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