Instance.dispose() - Should be removed from ShadowGenerator?

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is it the correct behaviour that instances that are being disposed doesn't get removed from ShadowGenerator.getShadowMap().renderList ?

I have the refreshrate set to 0 and only render with shadow on demand.

  if (_renderShadow && this._manuallyShadowRender) {
    this._shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().refreshRate = 1;
    this._shadowGenerator.getShadowMap().refreshRate = 0;
  } else {

Is this a problem i this case?

I just want to know (maybe it's a bug). Shouldn't ShadowGenerator check the Mesh.isDisposed attribute?


Have a nice day



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Hi again Kevin, good to see you.

I built a little test playground.

At 4 seconds, I dispose the torus (full mesh, not instance or clone).

At 8 secs, I report the renderLists from the 2 shadowGens... to console.

Yep, there they are... ghost mesh... hiding the shadows.  I poked them with a stick to see if they were real... but I couldn't tell for sure.  :)

Have you done a thorough forum search on this topic?  Just curious because... it seems I barely remember another thread about this.

But perhaps the zombie mesh are fogging my brain.  :)  The shadows DO disappear at the 4-second dispose moment, but... ghosts don't cast shadows. :o

hmm.  Thx for the report.  I will do some forum searches myself... but, I agree.  Scene sg's should have their renderLists periodically checked for zombies and other un-dead.  hmm.

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Ah that's why the ghost shadows will stay in my case. Becaue the shadow map doesn't get updated very often.

So, good to know. For now I will have to remove them manually. 

Thanks and keep us on track. :)

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