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Love exit

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I would like to tell the story of your game.

Here you will be able to play it( please read first before playing )


My game is very simple ,it's the action puzzle platformer".The main characters are a boy and a girl, their main goal is to overcome obstacles and meet.I wanted to say that if people love each other no matter what obstacles are in their way ,they will be together.

It's funny that the game for three years ,and I don't where it has not been shown.When I was doing that I thought that they can earn on a non-exclusive license to sell the sponsors involved html5 games.I thought that I can earn by doing what you love to make games, Yes I'm a romantic:)" I thought the money I will be able to change your life and be with my girlfriend, but alas nothing came to pass.Sponsor to whom I showed your game to the wounds and stages of development said he's not interested, of course I didn't give up I sent more letters to 20 different sponsor but no one answered.

You might ask why I'm writing this, maybe I want to get feedback, maybe I want to say that life is not so happy, maybe I just want to share your story.



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