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Hi Ian!  No replies yet, huh?  Sorry.

Let me ask a few questions.  Let's pretend you DID use this Blender method to create a baked SSAO map.

Where would you place that texture... on a BJS material... to make it work properly?  .AmbientTexture?  (we should try this, just for fun)  :)

Or does it apply to the whole scene? 

I have no idea.  The only thing I have ever seen in BJS... is the dynamic SSAO produced this way.  

I ask because... perhaps... if you make the SSAO baked texture using the Blender "Saving Baked Ambient Occlusion Maps" way... then you could include that URL in the material.ambientTexture... and that would be included in the .babylon file.  But not the texture itself, of course.  .babylon files never (rarely?) carry actual textures. 

It could also be loaded with an assetsManager task.

But, you want this baked SSAO map to apply to the entire scene, correct?  IF SO... how/where to apply it?  hmm. 

I think it would require a custom post-processing shader... using your pre-made occlusion map... as a "refmap" for a sampler in the shader.  I have no idea how to do this, but I once used a refmap for a RefractionPostProcess, and you can easily see the refmap active in the scene.

Possibly, our current SSAO system COULD BE updated/modified... to use a refmap image, if one is provided by the programmer. 

Sorry that I couldn't be more help.  Maybe others will comment, soon.

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What's you want is not SSAO, 'cause SSAO is a post-process :) You just want to set a lightmap, where your lighting is just ambient occlusion.

Example in Blender, texture panel, assuming you have set an UVmap channel, generally one dedicated to lightmap :


In 3dsmax you have to link it to ambient channel too.

[edit] like dsman says, yo can put it to emit channel if you want, but you will not have dynamic lighting on your object then [/edit]

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