Missing line of pixels on small canvas?

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I am trying to make a game with phaser 2.2.8.

The should look like an old school gameboy game.
So the canvas has the dimensions of 160x144 pixels.

The problem is a strange behaviour at the left and the top side of the screen.
I attached an example to clarify what i mean.

On the left pic the pilot wares glasses. You can see the connection between the 2 lenses.
On the right pic the sprite looks compressed by one pixel, the connection disappears.

Does someone knows why this happens? Or better how to solve this issue?

Thanks, Tom


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Okay guys!

Ich think I have some kind of solution!

 game = new Phaser.Game(WIDTH, HEIGHT, Phaser.CANVAS, 'gamediv', null, false, false);

I changed from Phaser.AUTO to Phaser.CANVAS! Thad made the stunt^^

So I hope I dont need webGL stuff for my project...

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