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Smoothing Out Car Animation

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The main reason for the playground is to produce an example for the guide on BJS that I am writing to show how translate, rotate, parent and setPivot can be used. After various struggles due to mistakes and lack of knowledge I have come up with this where you steer(?) the car (which has a set forward speed) with keys A and D

Issues are :

  1. The response to the keys only happens if after clicking on run the canvas is clicked on immediately afterwards ( and sometimes you have to do this again before it works)
  2. While a key is pressed down it interferes with the rendering (too much going on?)

If you think too much is going on then have a look back at earlier versions #10 for example.

It would be nice to have solutions to these problems but if not then as I can show the parts of the code I wanted to without the key control I will probably just go for a predetermined path for the car to follow.

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Ok, it's a "hack" and not a solution.  But ya know, sometimes a guy just needs to take a nice drive in his new Porsche Trapezium... and have some think-time about the math in his renderLoop.  :)  Take over the wheel, JK... I have the radio set to the polka station.  Love them polkas!

A note for the youngsters:  Above, I have a version of John's car "working", but I bypassed the part that gave John's car... real precision turn-accuracy.  So, although I made John's car drive-able, I did it with duct-tape, seaweed, snot, and imprecision. 

I took John's diamond, and washed my pig with it.  :)  In other words... I "faked it", "kludged it", and generally screwed-up his demo.  I know John pretty well, and I know he will laugh it off, and get back to work on accuracy again.  I did not answer John's issue... at all.  Not even a little bit.  But he still likes me.  :)

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Glad to hear from you Wingy, I am not only going to laugh off your attempt but have a long laugh at my own which when looked at from a different perspective are no better than your simulation. If you take yours and increase camera height to into the 200s and re-attach the camera then you will see that your car more or less spins on the spot even though it looks OK from where I set the camera. If you take my latest attempt ( I have improved the response by moving some code about but looked at from above my car just does a crazy dance. So somewhere my application of the maths is wrong.

Of course I still like you and have clicked to say so to prove it. :D

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