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Looks quite cute, But I couldnt play more than 2 minutes. I feel literally sick.

Reason? CAMERA.

Bee flying around the flower all the time and camera ALWAYS pixel-perfectly tracking bee. So, camera constantly spinning around the flower etc etc.

I do not think that I am the only one who can get nausea from this.

So please, work on the camera behavior. I suggest you to make camera follow active flower and not bee, or, probably some point at the line between bee and flower.

Other then that, game looks pretty nice. But camera makes it unplayable for me.

PS Nice background, liked falling leaves.

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Yeah, that's quite nice. But I found at least two bags:

1. If you'll try to fly out from flower and change direction 2 times (mouse click left), you can go in this direction endlessly.

2.  Unfortunately, I can't capture a screenshot at the moment, but sometimes a flower in left-top corner, that indicates your current level (as I got it), changes it's location to 0,0. I'm using Opera.

But that's a great job! So how long have you been working on this project?

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