[Phaser][Prototype] Protober: A Prototype A Day

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Hi all,

Just want to share my activity for this October, Protober.
It's basically like Inktober/Octobit, but for game designer/programmer. Instead of illustration/pixel art, you need to come up with a new gameplay idea/prototype everyday for the whole month! :D
I have attached some of my prototype here, but feel free to check all the prototypes that I have made so far at: http://harsanalif.com/protober/

Any feedback will be appreciated. Maybe anyone interested following Protober too for the last 10 days? :)




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On 10/21/2016 at 2:16 PM, Goblet Ed said:

Great work. Enjoyed looking through the thumbnail animations. The effects makes them pleasant to look at.

What have you learned so far now that you have made 20 prototypes? Any new insights?

Of course, there is always something new to learn.
Some of them:
- Some of the most popular prototype are the one that keep player engaged the whole games (like those of twitch/reflex games)
- Simple control is also popular, with most people also recommend it to port to mobile platform
- There are still many powerful feature of Phaser that I haven't utilized yet. This prototype challenge force me to learn and implement them in all of my games.
- GIF is more popular/viral when sharing to social media than video/image. Of course, different purpose need different media format, and video/image will always have it use.

Maybe I will compile them after this month ends and share it here.

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On 10/21/2016 at 8:35 PM, rich said:

Are they just gifs? I.e. you can't actually play them anywhere?

I have created them, but not ready for publication/public playing unfortunately. Still need to minify/cleaning up the code a bit since it including your excellent box2d/particlestorm plugin :)
After this challenge end, I will clean them up and post them online.

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hi harsanalif,

i think that your games are good to publish. For me you don't have to need to sell those. at your place i publish these game on the playstore and applestore >>success garanted.

just a question : for these game are you work with one main file or do you work with separate files ? have you a template ?

Congratulations again for yours games

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