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Gamedistribution.com Html 5 Games Distribution and Monetization


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Hello everyone,

i would like to inform you that Gamedistribution.com started to accept html 5 games distribution and monetization. You can check the current catalog here : http://www.gamedistribution.com/Types/Html5/


How it works ?

1 : Signup to platform and implement html 5 api to your game : http://www.gamedistribution.com/Api/

2 : Activate the game for catalog than sit back and follow the revenue.

We run only premium advertising so be prepared to see high cpms but less ads running in games ;)

Gamedistribution have cooperation with more than 958 websites currently and growing rapidly. We work with all the biggest networks and make sure your game will get maximum number of gameplays.

You get %40 of the revenue as developer %40 goes to publisher and %20 for Gamedistribution.

Any comment or questions are welcome.


Looking forward to talking to you guys.


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Has anyone some experiences to share? I'm asking because I've never did any royalty share deals so far - because let's be honest - most of the time you spend time implementing the API and manage the build and you never see any real or very low cash back. Would be great if some experienced devs can share their experiences with royalty share deals.

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Jochen, you are absolutely right.. That's why we are transparent for revenue shares and incomes. As you see that in our website gamedistribution.com there are lots of developers using our api to have income. Please contact them and ask them they are satisfy or not against other monetation systems.

I hope that this will give you an idea about GD.

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Hey guys,

We are using GD a few months ago and we are happy with the result and the ecpm we are getting.
We used construct 2 to create our html5 games and at the beginning there was no plugin for c2 and they created it without any problem and we are very happy with the result.

you can check some games here:

X-Trial Racing


Super Soccer Star 2


City Heroes


Sorry for my english.



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