[Phaser] Dubiduh - A 2D Puzzle Game

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Hi fellow game-devs,

here's my latest game DUBIDUH. It's a 2d-puzzler, inspired by Snakebird and the panels on The Witness.
Since I do this for fun in my spare-time, I like to keep the scope small, so it's a short game.
It should run in any modern browser and works for touch and keyboard/mouse-input.
I did all the Code and GFX myself (except for Phaser of course); the sounds I licensed from

Made with Phaser and Webpack.

Feedback is very appreciated, thanks for playing!




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Nice game!

Something I've noticed immediately: Teach the player they can cross themselves! At first I thought that level 2 was impossible and you've made a mistake. It just didn't make sense. I couldn't go through myself at an angle so I figured I cannot go through myself at all.

It would also feel much better if the movement did not have a delay and I could move faster and smoother.

Other than that the game is pretty sweet!

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@Goblet Ed

Thanks for the feedback!

I thought quite a lot about this; playtesting showed that about half of the players found out about the crossing pretty quickly, so I decided to leave it as something that you have to find out, and I liked that the level looked impossible at first. But this also was confusing to some of the testers who were more causal or non-regular gamers. I'll probably make a level which teaches the crossing in a more obvious way, like with one track to move only.

Also, if you don't mind, maybe you can tell me at which point/level you got bored/stuck/frustrated and stopped playing; or if you even finished it :)

Thanks again for playing and cheers!


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I really like this game - well done!

I also had a tough time figuring out Level 2, and agree that level 3 seems like it would have been easier for me to solve.

And I agree with Goblet Ed, I made it to level 18 but the framerate is very poor for me and there is a significant delay between forward moves (for some reason, the undo button seems to work much more quickly). The game does not "feel" very responsive to the player (IMHO). This makes it particularly frustrating to advance through the later levels.

Edited by JohnnyJohstneft
I want to express that I really like the game.

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Ok, the animations / transitions are very well done. My only suggestion is the sound effect when moving the snake doesn't match at all. (Infact, it's quite annoying after level 2) -  I really love how you used Phaser for this too. It looks extremely polished. I also recommend a volume slider as well. HTML 5's audio is always too loud, and usually need to be set around 18% of the original sound volume 

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