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Hey guys

This is another one of my html5 games. It is the first html5 game that i have built using the Phaser framework.

I have google analyse code in it but it isnt working. anyone that can help please do.

Here is the link. I would appreciate the pointers and positive criticism.


Pheaset     :D

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15 hours ago, Oli414 said:

Looks good for your first html5 game. Maybe you could try to add a game over screen instead of the alert you're using right now.

This isnt actually my first html game but it is my first phaser game. im just a kid whos teaching himself to code. I am currently looking into adding a winning/losing screen. and possible some levels. The alert box are annoying. If you have any experience with Phaser could yiu please take a look at my code. I have s problem with the lives. i had to set it to 1 so that it looked ok because if it was 3 anytime the ball left the screen it said game over. 

Thank you Oli414

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