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Resolution and retina support with scalemode = RESIZE

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I have been searching around and it seems that to be able to support retina displays, the RESIZE scalemode cannot be used. Is this really the case? My game is dependent on the responsiveness and freedom the RESIZE scalemode provides. 

By setting the resolution according to window.devicePixelRatio, the resolution and the size of all game objects increases. When scaling the game objects down to their appropriate sizes, the click-listeners disappears or gets misplaced.

Any nudge in the right direction is very much appreciated!

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hey toggthedog,

this is known. To support retina you can check the DPI and then use @2x graphics and rescale your graphics. But you need to rescale anything else to- that means for input listeners and stuff the "hitArea" etc. There is no native implementation for retina screens.

I see that it's kind of hard to implement something that supports retina displays since the behavior is really related to the type of game you make.
So it's up to you to configure it. But I also see a lot of developers struggling with it: A topic that pops up again and again.

regards :)

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