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Endless game

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I got surely a dummy question and I apologize for that ... but, I wonder how people make endless running game like for example the minion game or jetpack joyride.

Taking as example the minion game (image joined), does the character really advance or is it the objects around him which moves, or the textures mapped to the object which change. if this is the case, how to repeat indinitely the ground, for example ...



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Ok, thanks for your response. And if we consider a section (the part of the track, items to collect, baddies etc ...), can you explain briefly how they connect 2 sections together.

- If the character C is "running" on section A, when section B is added ?

- if the character C is on section A, is it C which moves or section A (and all items composed on section A) ?


I'm not sur to be clear but cannot formulate another way .... ;o((

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An easy way to do so is to generate the upcoming path at regular time intervalls, if you have sections of the same length at least and the player moves at a constant speed. However, I'd generally go for a condition based on the distance of the player relative to the start position section he's currently on -> given that your pivot points are placed at the start of your sections, and that you know about how far the player can see, you can safely place your next section before he sees it.


Also, the character is the one who'll move on a 3d engine. On a 2d, sprite-based engine, we have had the strange case where we had better performances when the background was moving instead of the camera though.


Good luck,


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