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Click the stage and have a sprite move to the clicked area

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I feel embarrassed, but after doing a lot of research I can't seem to be able to implement this simple feature. Can anyone here who's familiar with pixi walk me through how I might accomplish this?

Things I've tried... I'm trying to use  .on('click', move)

and then I have the move function right now set to just return the value of the pointer. I can't even get my code to return anything, let alone move the sprite.

I've tried doing stage.on('click', move); and it just doesn't work. I get no errors in the console. nothing. It just doesn't work. After that, I tried creating a rectangle and using rectangle.on('click', move); I even fill in the rectangle with a color to make sure it's actually there. Nothing. my code is just unresponsive. No errors no nothing.

The only time my code works is when I use the .on('click', move) on the actual sprite I'm trying to move! sprite.on('click', move). It will then return 'undefined' indicating that I at least got that far...

I can provide my code if needed. But first I wanted to just check in and see what the best practice is for this, and if I'm just missing something elementary.


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29 minutes ago, babycarlitos said:

I have no idea why I thought that you wanted drag. I just made this check it out to see if it is what you need 

Hi babycarlitos, 

I was also looking for a similar function, I want to make my pixi stage interactive, so it will respond to click events such as right click and similar. I'm just looking at your code to try and see how you've done it. From what I can see, you've created an invisible background component/element/sprite which responds to the click events, and then moves the red box to the point where the mouse was clicked.

Am correct to say this is what you've done?

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Hello cnwerb,

Yes that is pretty much what I did. I made a blackish sprite that is the size of the window and added events to it. You can take the code and expand on it to add more events. In my case my "stage" is a container and making the stage interactive has a different behavior. Adding a sprite seems much easier.

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